Tempeh Tinkering

I am becoming a man free from the man, namely “Cultures for Health” and Amazon.  That’s right, I’m extending that black fuzz on the other aged tempeh batch into batches on batches.  We’ll see how many generations in I can get, but it felt fucking amazing to start a fungal lineage.   And not like the fungus feeding off poor dietary decisions on my back (TMI).  I included more info about the temperature of the process below, cuz this shit is science.

The temps are: immediately after removing from oven with light on, several hours later, and almost at the time of harvest (I forget exactly, but that thermometer is science, bro)

Frying the navy bean tempeh turned it into a fried-small-white-fish-like consistency.  With breading and a marinade, it could be very deceptively delicious.  Not just a heap of old moldy beans.



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