Last Threads to Hold On To

Dangling off rags in a sheering wind

On a pale mountainside,

Even strawberries and cream escape memory

And the weight of the world crushes you

Into a little space, where the fires of tyranny

First emanate, just flickers then, but Sauron and

Addictions, perversions, oppression, and war when

Hissing and arisen,

Why not lay down and let the snakes

Command the land in Parseltongue, kneel

To Voldemort if power’s all he wants?

Hold onto what we fight for

Naked, exposed, holy

You giggle at aphids in the garden

Tittering at nature’s cusp,

Even beneath the screeching Nazgûl

Remember which berries you’ll find in your garden

Let your soul take over, and RISE!!!

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