My Garden

My Garden


Has leguminous pods swinging

On perennial nitrogen-fixing trees

And velvet bean vines crawling up

Bananas and plantains, tubers tucked below

Every ingredient in every Thai curry

Apple eggplants, long eggplants,

Chilies and tomatoes, ground cherries

Scattered like parchment-wrapped easter candies

Fruit trees, herbs wafting in a slight breeze

Kids yelping and skittering among the plants

A lover outside, rampantly chasing after the small people

Sunbeams cascading down through vapors

Friends cool and safe beneath an overgrown outcove

On twisting stone benches, embroidered with human imagination

Fed by bugs and birds whizzing among the wood and nectar

Until pulsing gold lanterns usher in the night

And we balance, breathless, in the twilight



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