Apartment Homesteading

Yeah, I still dream about the off-grid, mountainous, woody homestead that I will one day reside in.  This as close as I can get to believing I am some sort of self-sufficient nature-conscious foodie pioneer.

The creations featured below are 1. Cashew paste 2. Fermented nut cheese (air pockets from C02 released by fermenting bacteria) 3. Oven-grilled urban-foraged nopal paddle 4-5. Before and after mixed Asian-style spicy kraut 6-8. From pressing out the cabbage juice to packing it in, now the wait…

8 thoughts on “Apartment Homesteading

  1. I just had to stop by when I saw that title. I lived in town for many years because I did not want to leave my home. I commuted out to the farm outside of Scott’s Valley. Unlike you, I did not want to live in the Santa Cruz Mountains; I just relocated there because it suited my lifestyle. It is great to be here, but it was actually more challenging to live a primitive lifestyle in town.


  2. Bea

    Yeah, we recently replaced our kitchen table with a kitchen island to have more space to cook together. His next thing is getting a dehydrator, I want to get brewing. It’s all about making the best of where you are at.


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