Ode to Suicune

A blue glow emanates

Over the soft rippling lake

In the depths of night

A mysterious power is awake


We both approach the water

Yet I hesitate to cup the crystal

How many Christmases have passed

Since we first laid eyes through the ferns


How many nights have seamlessly rolled past

Since I contemplated that enigmatic royal mane

Flowing behind a crest

Thrusting power into my coagulating breast


Where the hearths of crystal and sapphire

Twinkle with the glint of alchemy

I take hold of your vaporous tail

But my gut jolts fear from my womb


I pray that I will be you soon

That your power will not wane

Before the dawn of form and flame

You’ll rage wild and ecstatic with me


Through the snowy woodlands,

The glint of fire in my eyes,

Cool moonlit frost

Billowing along my mane


When the first light of dawn

Illuminates the frigid, awakening horizon

You nestle between firs, through the grove

And the divine child cascades off your purple nimbus

In the silent cove, you curl up beside his manger


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