Another Night for the Lover on the Long Way Home

Long have I wandered

Beyond your caress

Ecstasy was an illusive, distant dream

I longed to forget      for

Tenderness, grace and touch

Lingered at my front door

Yet I, seeing neither the good nor

The blessing of infinite gratitude

They tucked in their garments,

Sought comfort in the chokehold

Of power, over a tortured soul

Until ghostly, I walked the pale grass

Nothing but a stream of thought

To confide in,

Turbines stirring as matter

Churned in and spewed forth

A gargantuan array of pixels,

Each one as useless as the next

Brushstrokes apprehended as pigmented ash

Worthless in a mechanistic world


Yet dyes and symbols,

Strung together like jeweled necklaces

Dangling pearls of Time herself

Stretch our minds around, beyond

Into the intra-dimensions manifesting with

Speechless, peaceful mossy mazes

Flowering, in the midst of the white man’s battle

To stave his trembling arms from the foulest stroke upon the land


I saw you, for a moment, hearts coincided

Like Galadriel’s white eyes

When I peer even timidly in your billowing gaze,

You see me too.

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