Wallace, after “Blade Runner 2049”

Pale echoes whimpering

Through hollow obsidian corridors

Empty like throats

Groaning in numb ecstasy

Deadened by cables and computations

Wallace’s mind, a black hole

Gripping even the gods

Mingling too long in the mundane

Banished from the celestial bowers

So his incestual imagination

Fuses flesh and matter into angels


When you pierce the atom

And electrons shudder

Dispersed, through your decaying fingers

Perhaps only then will you look back

As horror graces your supple belly

And see the gulf gaping before

A man and woman, two human forms

Numbly radiating an energy

Dim and strange in the icy darkness

With a bundle of particles

Whose tiny extremities extend, whimpering,

Wallace…Wallace, waaaah!


You slice through those dendrites

Oblivion swallows a final soft cry

Your eyes grow pale

As your fingers grope the trembling curves of space

Contorting her lifeless tendons

You have become the surgeon’s blade

Dissecting his own corpse for truth.Blade-Runner-2049-Jared-Leto-as-Neander-Wallace.jpg

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