Thanksgiving in New Jersey

The blurbs below will give you a slew of disjointed linguistic associations that will only be impressed on your imagination when you see the accompanying photos.  It’ll be like opening presents.

The holly tree with its red berries that chime like Christmas bells strung with green leaves like knives

Wild chives that droop like kids plucked from the TV couch for bedtime

Rhododenron, a boring native plant

Oak kin

Old-ass black birch’s dog tag

A mossy reservoir of life nestled in Earth’s autumnal reclamation

Sacred pinecone

Oppy the oak leaf

Oppy hides in a flower pot as a pumpkin occupies the center of your awareness

Memorial dormant flower field

Japanese holly berry

How to make pizza healthy


Pink and burgundy

Neon yellow ladybug?

Mother beech tree

Sugar maple label (are these trees or inmates!?)

Some reproductive tree part shitting out a red berry

Arboretum greenhouse (the Arboretum is in Summit, New Jersey)

Epiphyte exhibit

Practice for Neoplatonists

I don’t know why it’s shaped like that

Crisping and blazing before the arrival of winter


I made that salad and wild rice casserole

Cranberries and carnage

Pumpkin pie courtesy of Deliciously Ella!  YAY!

Whipped coconut cream with vanilla and black sesame seeds

Look at that texture.  Don’t be tempted, though, sugar is potentially toxic

Holly berries, mmm yum.  I’ll post a pie recipe soon

Red autumn

Yellow autumn

Remember the mycelium

I bought a cricket bar at the airport because crickets require a fraction of the water required to raise cattle, yet the bars consisted of mostly almonds which guzzle gallons of water from the dry burning hinterlands of California.  This has inspired me to order a pound of cricket powder to coat my tempeh in, raising its protein content to inexorably high levels that will probably work out my liver more than I work out my muscles.



5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in New Jersey

      1. Oppy? Inmates? Some reproductive tree part s****ing out a red berry? (That is a magnolia seed falling out of a magnolia grenade by the way. That is a very creative way of saying it.) Hey, I missed the cricket bar. I though it was just the name of the product. Now I got to try one! . . . maybe not. Now I gotta go back.


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