On the Dirt, By the Trees, In the Morning

I am the meeting place of intentionality of the universe

Where the energies rippling become channeled and

Structured into a majestic matrix

Who am I to be a humanoid

Timid and wandering in an institution

On the rocky soil of a little outcrop of Earth

With trees whose presence sings into the ancient depths

Of time when our ships were but proliferating matter

Catalyzed from the first wink of life

All rest, souls hungry and dancing

In the fathomless eye of wisdom

You are seen, and in the boundless breast of Nature



In the busyness and chaos of campus

Where social and sexual energies

Arc sporadically like a Tesla reactor

I find solace beside a sapling tree

Ants bustle harmonically after

Being poked by child-I’s curious stick

Rebuilding their home

What home are human beings building

Or have we contracted the construction

To shadows and frosty lost echoes of ourselves

Ants are my professors now.


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