Update on the Neighbor’s Garden

It’s been several months since I planted the first hopeful round of seedlings in the limestone-ridden backyard of my neighbors, down the street from my apartment.  I haven’t done anything too fancy, besides trellis the tomatoes on random straight objects (including a golf flag) and give them a water every day or two.  We have tomatoes, an eggplant, habañero plant, Genovese and Thai basil, mustard greens, papayas (a vegetable when eaten green, like they commonly do in Southeast Asia), lemongrass, garlic chives, gooseberry (the most delicious fruit I’ve ever eaten, it is literally a golden prepackaged gift that is only edible when gravity picks it from the plant), a moringa tree, pineapples, dragonfruit, galangal, and banana herbs galore (good for compost burial).  If my neighbor is reading this, just know I am grateful for you letting me putter around in your backyard long enough to plant some shit!


Plus, check out this picture of the tropical permaculture garden on campus in the sunset, just basking like a boss ass bunch of plants.  I’ll have more to post about the systemically destructive attitudes reflected in our class’s harvesting of the plants (killing the kale!) soon.


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