Safe Under the Sky With a Dragon’s Eye


Little plants squished beneath my toes
Little fear fountaining out my chest
A splay of stars wreathing the realm above
I hear chirping, it is sweet
I feel my heart beat,
I try to breathe but it only travels so far
Things contract around my natal star
Dragons swoosh and I ripple too
Millions of people in my mind’s view
Yet I’m just here, with a couple of trees
I am here, can’t believe I’m healthy
And really, just free
When I stop living
What lives instead
Are the right choices the ones
I make in the tower of my head
Or ought the cradle to fall
And let the womb nebulae unfurl
A force pushes me down, I owe my life to you
Grand Force, Oneness, Being,
I am being enough, being is enough
I feel alone,
It’s only because I obfuscate the supple vital fingers
Springing towards me, seeking another being
To touch and say
I am here, we are brothers of the earth
Since a cosmic candle
First lit the horizon’s hearth.





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