Earth League

Hearts slough their way

Through the hypnotized haze

Embalming us in a feverish daze,

Alone, gazing at the psychosis.


Hearts move silent and swift

Under the layers of silencing

To whisper holy words,

To plant holy beans in the earth.


Hearts see through all delusion

That a world based on humans

Neglecting our living kin,

Metastasizes the delusion.


Life flourishes without domination,

And intellectual authority must permit

Intuitive, co-creative exploration.

Earth league, assemble!

Nature, show us how to serve.

Let us be the spider

Of a photosynthesizing web

Cast among these concrete dreams

And thorny, needle-flooded seams

Let them gulp the sunbeams

Cascading on this city’s bald head.


Earth league, huddle round,

The sky looms and blazes

The grass pads our paws

Steel shafts scrape skyward

Tens of thousands of humans,

Chaotic, imploding, wandering

Timidly peering

Wide-eyed, yet unawares

Earth league, bring them home.




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