Dark Mother

Dark Mother of mine

You crush me

With naked, fibrous vines

In the depth of your teeming womb

The darkness floods

I let it drown me


Nurtured by dreams of Nature’s vast bosom

I rest in the bathtub,

There’s no light

Just a tender belly

And you, Dark Mother

Suffocating me with life


Dark Mother, what I see churns within

The frightening, thunderous force of yin

Turning the world like an elemental hologram

Feasting on light like my pale skin


Dark Mother moans, listens, heals herself

Nourishing the muscular primal fibers

Of my innocent, divine, masculine child

Frozen and malnourished

Over the ages, lost in the wild

Tremblingly clutching the steel cord of destruction

But brimming with Dark Mother’s

Angry, wild poetry.


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