Inner Mordor

In this desolate space

At the frontier of my ascetic monk

And sneaky, hungry Gollum

The king of Eden flees

In terror of the wraiths of the land


The air here reeks of death

And impending bloodshed

Not a flower blooms

A pestilent fume

Leaks out of the infected womb


A screech

The warped roar of my nazgûl

Eschewing touch for the kiss of death

Crying in a tongue alien to love

For it has withered in drought


If you wander too close to this forsaken realm

You will be lured by Gollum

Led on an endless labyrinth by the ascetic monk

And distracted from the ghostly black knife

Clutched by a hand of reptilian scales and metal

Patiently dangling above your supple organs

Falling with a final bout

Of liberating, all-effacing fury


I see blood and screeching

Before slipping back

Into my dark, void mother

Cursing numb immature men

As I join the undead race of them.



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