(Re)Birth, Divine Family, Dear Pattie



Birth is when

The lights

Down every corridor

Of conscious possibility close

And I cannot breathe

I hold my throat a moment longer

It feels like dying


Do I surrender…



The holy vapor around me

Tear my way from this dark canopy

And see my fingers,

Caressing the carpet

The floor holds me


A lonely child,

His own prophet, worst enemy

And natural entity


Writing poetry just to be seen

How can we truly connect and see

When these words say so little

And entire cosmos lay between?



Divine Family


Fear and truth

Hidden power and youth

Sacred touch of earth and heaven

I take my time

As I walk into the light

Effaced by grace

Wrapped in every cell and fiber

By Divine Mother and Father’s immutable arms

Held, even in wrath and angst

Alive, even in the depths of pain

Flooded, with hope in the midst of darkness

I look up and see

As my feet rest on solidity

That I’m a part of a cosmic family.

Dear Pattie


I love you

I miss you so much

You were a mother to me

And best friend

You showed me light

Where all I would’ve known is fear

You brought me to the gates of heaven

With the simple truths

Of being kind and sincere

You roused my spirit when I felt alone

Your spirit persists in me

Forever, to my very bones

I love you

And miss you dearly

I remember you,

Your ashes are now life

I carry the spark of your light

It grows as I speak

I know you can hear me


DSCN0865 (2)

Nebula cradle.jpg



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