From Constipation to Nature’s Vibration

I see the thread

Of a pained hunched constipated body

Riveted mind, eyes dashing anxiously

Amassing indexes of information

Assuaging the institutional data quota

Surviving through a psychic slog

Brain and jaws clenched


Leaving his laptop,

Laying on the mattress

Afraid and whirring

Disempowered and alone

Anger brewing in his sacrum and heart

A choked flower bud


The dragon muffled and far,

Yet coiling and feeling through these fibers

I grab my dick

Coconut oil,

And hammer away

Breathing steady,

Farting and unfreezing,

The earth king flittingly emerges

Sexy physique dangling over his throne

A vine and fruit hanging on his arm

Shedding the contracted bitter student


His eyes pierce like gamma rays

As the clenched mind looses

The dragon’s patient felt world:

Gardens hoisting about the monolithic towers

Mango juice dribbling down my abs


(The hurricane is impending!)

No need to fuck the institution

When Nature does that for us.


Fragments of paradise glow dimly

In the deep caverns and mountains

Of fear, pain, isolation, and submission

The true apples of eden,



Conscious elements of the ecological revolution

Weaving into a new tapestry.


Before earth and sea swallow Miami

Humans may summon the latent armies

Of the tireless worm, the steadfast tree

That greasy palms can’t uproot

Nor advertisements sway

The worms work for no ego

Besides the will of the Way

Into heaven and earth’s fertile fuck

Orgasming for days in Miami-Dade

Cumming a sugary rainbow

All from some heaps of shit,

Ravished with water and light

And ok, I’ll write a plan

I just need to get my penis in the fight

And not apologize for extending a physical masturbation session into an intellectual one and publishing it…isn’t the Internet a big pixelated smushfest anyway?



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